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Market Access, Price Reimbursement and Commercial Strategy

In an ever changing global healthcare environment, market access is the single most important determinant of commercial success. The traditional approach to market access is now a distant memory and one if implemented is a recipe for failure. Globally, regulation has tightened resulting in a more complex journey. Despite this ongoing evolution, pricing and budget concerns remain a constant. Pharma and payers are pushing to find a balance between budget management and patient access. Cost effectiveness is now more important than ever and is a further requirement to secure market access.

Drawing on our Industry experience we at Salutem Insights realise these challenges in the marketplace, understand the needs of our stakeholders, which enables us to identify, create and develop bespoke markets access strategies to achieve competitive advantage. We realise the importance that all stakeholders – clients, payers and patients- are aligned to achieve value for all parties in the process.

Salutem Insights can also provide specialist advice through clinical and economic advisory boards.


Health Technology Assessment

Health technology assessment (HTA) plays an important role in informing reimbursement and pricing decisions. Internationally, it has become a more complex process as the payer strives to achieve value for money.

It is multidisciplinary process that provides concrete information about the medical, economic and ethical issues associated with the use of a health technology in a systematic, transparent, unbiased and robust manner.

Salutem Insights in-house team of health economists, pharmacists, radiologists, systematic reviewers and statisticians allow us to complete all aspects of your HTA submission, eliminating the need to commission several different agencies.


Health Economics, Outcomes Research (HEOR) and Real World Evidence

Health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) is experiencing a period of rapid growth. As local payers come under more pressure to constrain costs, the value of HEOR is becoming a central component in demonstrating product value. As a key part of the request for comparative effectiveness evidence, the increased use of HEOR data can be expected to play an even greater role in future decision-making process. The aim of HEOR is to generate evidence of the economic value of new and existing products and helps decision-makers and payers determine reimbursement policies for new and existing therapies. A robust and comprehensive value proposition for a company’s technology is now fundamental to its success and a strong HEOR strategy is a route that must be pursued.

HEOR which was once only a support function now has a wider influence and has become an integral part of R&D, impacting on clinical trial design while economic endpoints now accompany clinical outcome measures to demonstrate and communicate the value proposition.

In addition, a greater emphasis has recently been placed on the role of the patient at the epicentre of healthcare decisions. Outcomes research plays an increasingly important role in this as it can provide data on specific populations and treatment combinations that are used.


Economic Modelling and Data Analytics

Economic modelling is now an integral part of the Health Technology Assessment and will help establish and evaluate the cost effectiveness and budget impact of the technology under review.

Salutem Insights team of economic modelers and statisticians will identify, develop, analyse and validate the best possible modeling methods and techniques for your value proposition.

Our economic modelling toolset comprises:

  • Decision trees
  • Markov modelling
  • Monte Carlo simulation/Patient level modelling
  • Discrete event simulation
  • Probabilistic/Bayesian sensitivity analysis.

Education, Training and Field Sales Support

Education is fundamental to increase the probability of success and is an area that we are very passionate about. We can deliver tailor made training and educational programmes to suit your specific requirements. Salutem Insights address these both from an internal and external perspective. In addition to ensuring that internal stakeholders are educated in relation to the key messages, it is important to train teams on the effective delivery of the value story. The Salutem Insights team has expertise in both teaching and sales management which enables us to understand and provide training on all aspects of value communication to ensure teams are confident and well- equipped to communicate the value story and therefore maximise the commercial success of the product in the market place.