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Naoise O'Flatharta

Naoise O’Flatharta

Junior HTA Analyst

Naoise O’Flatharta serves as the Junior HTA Analyst at Salutem Insights, contributing valuable insights and expertise to our team. Naoise’s addition to the Salutem Insights team strengthens our capabilities in health economics and enhances our ability to provide comprehensive solutions to our clients. His dedication and expertise make him a valuable member of our organisation.


Expertise Highlights:

– Education: Naoise holds an honours degree in Business Studies, with a major in Economics and Finance, from the University of Limerick. He furthered his education by completing a Master’s in Health Economics in 2022 from the University of Galway, where he conducted in-depth research and submitted a dissertation as part of the program.

– Healthcare Expertise: With a solid understanding of the Irish healthcare system, reimbursement processes, econometric analysis, economic modelling, and health policy, Naoise brings a wealth of knowledge to his role. His academic background and relevant work experience have equipped him with the necessary skills to navigate complex healthcare landscapes effectively.

– Analytical Skills: Naoise demonstrates strong analytical skills, as evidenced by his experience in conducting econometric analysis and economic modelling. His ability to analyse complex data sets and derive meaningful insights contributes to the depth and quality of his work.

– Collaborative Approach: Naoise actively engages in collaborative projects, both within academic settings and in professional environments. His ability to work effectively within multidisciplinary teams enhances his capacity to deliver comprehensive solutions and insights.

– Communication Skills: Throughout his undergraduate and master’s degrees, Naoise has honed his presentation skills, allowing him to effectively communicate complex ideas and findings to diverse audiences. His ability to articulate insights ensures clear and concise communication within the team and with clients.

– Passion for Health Economics: Naoise is deeply passionate about health economics in Ireland, demonstrating a strong commitment to advancing the field and contributing to impactful research and analysis.